FERRI Gaetano

Bologna, 1822 - Oneglia (IM), 1896

  • FD220_8

    1840-1880, Portfolio containing: 76 drawings of various subjects, mixed media, dated or datable to between 1840 and 1880; 15 preparatory sketches for the painting The Last Moments of the Princess of Lamballe, mixed media, 1860-66; 18 drawings for a painting now lost depicting a scene from the life of the Count of Carmagnola, mixed media, 1860-67; 34 preparatory drawings for the painting The Wedding of Marquise Adelaide di Torino and Oddone of Savoy, mixed media, 1864-65 Mixed media
  • FD222_7

    The Wedding of Marquise Adelaide di Torino and Oddone of Savoy, 1852-1866, Photographs of the Ferri Family
  • FD472

    Portrait of a Lady, 1857, Oil on Canvas, 79 x 65 cm
  • FD221_2

    Study of a Head, sd, Oil on cardboard mounted on passe-partout with round windiw, 27.1 x 19.5 cm




The Wedding of Marquise Adelaide di Torino and Oddone of Savoy, 1852-1866


Portrait of a Lady, 1857


Study of a Head, sd


A painter. After studying in Paris and Nice, he settled in Turin with his father Domenico, who in 1854 was appointed "Architect and Decorator of the Royal Palaces". An exponent of moderate Italian Romanticism, in 1855 he was chosen to represent the State of Savoy at the Universal Exhibition in Paris, and in 1856 he obtained the chair of Painting at the Accademia Albertina, from which he stepped down in 1871. His paintings are now in the Royal Palace in Turin.

Board of Directors

Piergiorgio Re (Chairman)
Diego Novelli (Vice-chairman)
Fiorenzo Alfieri
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Giovanni Cordero 
Paolo Emilio Ferreri 
Enrico Filippi 
Emanuela Gambetta
Gian Paolo Zanetta


Cesare Ferrero
Aldo Milanese
Anna Tornoni


Lorenzo Ferreri


Marina Paglieri

Artistic Commission

Fiorenzo Alfieri
Giovanni Cordero
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Giuseppe Luigi Marini
Francesco Poli


Via Magenta n. 31
10128 Torino


011 542491





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