PALAGI Pelagio

Bologna, 1775 - Turin, 1860

  • FD471

    Portrait of Count Luigi Arghinto, 1817, Oil on canvas, 76 x 105 cm
  • FD182

    Our Lady of Annunciation, c. 1826, Oil on canvas, 58.7 x 49 cm


Portrait of Count Luigi Arghinto, 1817


Our Lady of Annunciation, c. 1826


A painter, interior decorator, sculptor and architect, he trained in Rome from 1806 in neoclassical circles with V. Camuccini, devoting himself to portrait and history painting. In 1815 he was in Milan, where from 1818 he lectured at Brera, moving close to the Romantic historicism of Hayez. In 1832 he was called to Turin by Charles Albert as superintendent for the redecoration of the Royal Residences (Castello di Racconigi, the Royal Palace, and Castello di Pollenzo). It was he who made the bronze "Monument to the Conte Verde" in Turin, which he finished in 1853.

Board of Directors

Piergiorgio Re (Chairman)
Diego Novelli (Vice-chairman)
Fiorenzo Alfieri
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Giovanni Cordero 
Paolo Emilio Ferreri 
Enrico Filippi 
Emanuela Gambetta
Gian Paolo Zanetta


Cesare Ferrero
Aldo Milanese
Anna Tornoni


Lorenzo Ferreri


Marina Paglieri

Artistic Commission

Fiorenzo Alfieri
Giovanni Cordero
Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev
Giuseppe Luigi Marini
Francesco Poli


Via Magenta n. 31
10128 Torino


011 542491




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